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For Businesses to function efficiently and remain profitable it is important to follow sound financial and accounting practices. Accounts reconciliation is an accounting procedure that conducts critical scrutiny of all the financial transactions and transactional records of an organization.

Accounts Reconciliation

Accounts reconciliation is critical for organizations to find discrepancies in the accounting and bookkeeping practices of the organization, it may also help with uncovering operational discrepancies if any. Bank account reconciliation is a necessary process for auditors to verify the correctness of an organization’s financial statements.

Accounts reconciliation helps an organization with the following;

  • Identifying and eliminating discrepancies in the organization’s accounting practices
  • Brings about efficiency and transparency in cash flows by identifying mismatches
  • Allows organizations to easily scale up or scale down as per prevailing conditions

FintechMinds maintains a pool of experienced accountants and CA’s who comprise our Accounting Services teams and can assist with consultations and solutions to all your accounting and bookkeeping needs including but not limited to Accounts Statement, Tax Compliance, Payroll,Management, Bank Statements and Vendor Payments.

FintechMinds maintains a pool of experienced accountants, CA’s, Auditors, and Market entry domain experts who comprise our Business consulting teams.

Our team has years of experience providing accounts reconciliation services and is apt to conduct a complete review and optimization of your company’s MIS to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in its accounting practices. Some of the Accounts Reconciliation Services provided by FintechMinds include:

  • Verification and cross-checking of internal records with bank account statements
  • Verification and cross-checking of credit card statements with bank records
  • Comparing internal account statements with ledger entries
  • Maintaining a chronological sequence of checks and checkbook entries
  • FintechMinds can provide full or partial reconciliation services.
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Neha Sharma
C.E.O, AigleSoft Pvt Ltd

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