Startup Consulting Services

FintechMinds has been providing business consulting and financial services to hundreds of clients in India and Singapore for the past several years. Our talent pool of personnel from various verticals of business and finance consulting allows us to deliver 360-degree services across verticals. In an increasingly crowded marketplace with thousands of startups jostling for space it can become quite cumbersome to have a competitive business strategy. With hundreds of technological platforms to choose from selecting the right fit can be tricky. FintechMinds provides startup consulting services and helps budding entrepreneurs and organizations with technology solutions that best fit their business needs.

Startup Consulting Services Process

For any startup business to thrive it is essential that proper business planning and technological choices are made at the very onset. FintechMinds can assist startups with making those business- critical choices. Our step-by-step process for startups is detailed below.


We engage in detailed interviews and discussions about your business plans, digitization requirements, technological platforms, and all other essentials.

Business Analysis

After the planning stage we thoroughly scrutinize your business for any risks, flaws in planning, and discrepancies in technology choices.

Execution Strategy

Based on observations of the preceding two steps a detailed strategy and execution plan is created.


at this stage, we work with you to systematically implement all the plans that have been put in place.

FintechMinds maintains a pool of experienced accountants and CA’s with expertise in the design and maintenance of MIS.

strategy development

Fixed Asset Accounting is crucial for:

FintechMinds maintains a pool of experienced business and financial consultants across various verticals all of whom make up our startup consulting teams. Our team has years of experience providing startup services and is ready and able to meet all your startup consulting needs.

Looking for a First-Class Accounting Consultant?

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